The medical records binder is a brilliant idea. It was so kind of you to send it, and so quickly. Up until that point Geoff was carrying our substantial accumulation of films, CD’s, reports and scribbled notes in a paper bag. I had encouraged him to at least use a tote bag for appearances sake. The day we received the binder, Geoff spent hours organizing it and since then our frequent days spent at Cedars-Sinai have been (although still difficult and exhausting) much easier. Thanks for being so thoughtful.


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it felt like I barely knew my name, much less where to put the deluge of paperwork, information and images I was getting. When my breast surgeon handed me the metugo binder, it was like a little piece of sanity amongst total chaos. It goes with me to every appointment and often times I have had a report one of my doctors didn’t have. It was one of the few things I felt in control of throughout my cancer journey. Who knew you could like a binder so much, but I love it!

I want to thank you for the wonderfully helpful binder you provided. I actually cried tears of joy when I received it. (I’m not kidding!) I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma on Oct. 8th, and it has been a whirlwind of emotions every since. I was so confused and scattered, I couldn’t think straight during the initial diagnosis stage. I received all kinds of pathology tests, insurance documents, doctor’s notes, etc., and the papers were adding up. I received this binder at the perfect time. Finally some type of organization in what was becoming my most confusing, chaotic time of my life. If you saw my binder now you would not believe how huge it has become! It’s filled to the rim! It is my go to item when a doctor asked me a question or I need to provide some medical information. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this. You truly couldn’t believe how excited I am about one binder!

Thanks again,

Thank you for donating the metugo medical records notebook – from the post it notes, to the pad of paper, to the business card holders, to the juice gift card – you have thought of everything. I particularly like how you put the sections of what each professional does, and I can keep track of everything he/she says. Awesome receipt holder, and cute bag that makes the binder discreet. Love the metugo Medical Records notebook! Everything and more to help me be prepared.

Robin, I’m so glad I got to meet you before I go back to Kentucky. You will never really know how much that “humongous binder” became (and still is) part of my life. Before leaving the house for every doctor visit, Vickie would make certain that I had my binder in a rolling bag with a pen, my glasses, tissue, and a sweater. If the binder was not in the car, we did not leave. And everywhere we went, we had to pull out the binder to give dates and/or copies to keep everyone informed of what was going on. I’ve often wondered how other women, going through the breast-cancer experience, manage without a binder.

Love and thanks for everything you do for others,

Hearing the words “you have breast cancer” can bring about a crisis in the life of a woman and those around her. Staying organized during this time can help relieve some of the pressure. Robin has developed this binder for the newly diagnosed women with breast cancer to help you keep track of appointments, write down questions you may have for specific doctors, take notes during visits and keep track of reports, receipts and information given to you. This binder is a valuable tool as you navigate through treatment. The patient’s binder for newly diagnosed women with breast cancer is a wonderful tool. You can see the relief in patient’s eyes when they have a method to organize their care, keep track of appointments, a place to put their reports and receipts, and keep track of physician contact information and notes. Robin has done an amazing job of keeping the binder user friendly and patients are very grateful to receive it.
Nurse Bev